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Why do you need permanent antistatic agent for plastics?

What’s non permanent antistatic additives?

What’s INCHR@permanent antistatic agent?

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is a copolymer which consisted of polyether, polyester, polyamide block,that can achieve immediate and long-term antistatic effect.The permanent antistatic agent presents as pellets in pale yellow ,natual and semitransparent . INCHR@permanent antistatic agent can be compounded with a matrix at a certain amount of dosage to achieve different surface resistivity .

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent can be used for LDPE ,HDPE,PP, HIPS,PVC ,ABS , PC/ABS,POM, TPE,TPU,TPEE,TPV.Compatible with polymers even other functional additives such as antioxidants,

flame retardants,optical brighteners.

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is very low humidity influence,It has immediate antistatic effect in final parts.It owns permanent antistic effect ,it's recyclable ,anti static agent has no blooming, migration and sloughing.

As a leading manufacturer in its industry ,INCHR has supplied a range of permanent antistatic agents for customers in various industries,including networks ,telecommuniation ,equipment ,consumer electronics,automotive,aerospace ,etc.


INCHR@anti static agent is delivered under pellets form, It can be processed by injection molding, extrusionand blow molding,can be compounded with 3%-5% compatilizer.Typical addition levels are 8% – 25 % dependent on host matrix and processing technology and resistivity value.

We recommond to compound or pelletize permanent antistatic agent with resins before processing (injection ,extrusion,blowing),a twin-screw extruder is an opition.Adding 3%-5% compatilizer(LOTADER® AX8900,LOTADER® 3210) is necessary.

Packaging And Store

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is very hygroscopic substance which is dried before shipping. Store in the original container securely under cool and dry conditions. After opening, use immediately. Keep closed when not in use. In case of that this product absorbs moisture, drying at 85 ºC for 3 h under vacuum is required before use.

Safety & Handling

For information on appropriate Handling & Storage of this copolymer, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.


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