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Conductive Masterbatch For Polymers

  • ● The conductive masterbatch is fomulated with regular resin with carbon black,carbon nanotube to achieve surface resistivity 10^3-10^9 Ohms/sq.
  • ● Suitable for injection,extrusion and blown
  • ● Typical properties
  • – Volume resistivity < 1E8
  • – Surface resistivity < 1E9 ohm/sq

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conductive masterbatch

Conductive Masterbatch Advantages

  • • Improve electrical conductivity: Significantly improve the electrical conductivity of plastic products, making them have functions such as anti-static or electromagnetic shielding.
  • • Uniform dispersion: The conductive masterbatch is effectively dispersed in the plastic matrix to ensure the uniformity of conductive properties.
  • • Good stability: maintain stable conductive properties during processing and use.
  • • Reduce costs: Compared with using pure conductive materials, conductive masterbatch can reduce costs.
  • • Excellent processing performance: It has little impact on the processing performance of plastics and is easy to process and shape.
  • • Good compatibility: compatible with a variety of plastic substrates.
  • • Design flexibility: The adjustable addition ratio provides more possibilities for product design.These advantages make conductive masterbatch widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, communications and other fields.
conductive masterbatch

Conductive Masterbatch Instructions

  • 1. Pre-drying:Most of conductive masterbatches are recommended to be dried before use.
  • 2. Mixing: Select conductive masterbatch that has good compatibility with the base resin,evenly mix the conductive masterbatch with base resin in a certain proportion.
  • 3. Processing: The mixed materials are processed into products through injection molding, extrusion and other processes.
  • 4. Control the dosage: According to specific needs, adjust the amount of conductive masterbatch to achieve the ideal conductive effect.
  • 5. Testing: Add in strict accordance with the recommended proportion. Too much or too little may affect the conductive performance.Conducting conductive performance testing on the finished products to ensure that they meet the requirements.
  • 6. Different conductive masterbatches have different processing parameters to ensure product quality.
  • 7. During storage, moisture, high temperature and other adverse environments should be avoided to prevent the performance of the conductive masterbatch from deteriorating.


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