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INCHR@anti static masterbatch

INCHR@anti static masterbatch is permanent anti static compound which does not need to compound or pelletize with matrix resins before processing ,just dry blend with matrix and then process.Compatilizer is inherently formulated in anti static masterbatch,low impact on matrix properties.Anti static masterbatch can form discharging layer on the surface of a material, thus reducing its surface resistivity and making the already generated electrostatic charge leak rapidly such as automotive fuel systems, electronic and electrical packaging and 3D printing.

antistatic plastic,esd plastic,antistatic masterbatch

About Us

  • INCHR has been specializing in antistatic additves and ESD compounds for 12 years. As a professional manufacturer of ESD plastics with a strong R&D in China(mainland), we are able to react rapidly to customers’requirement. Our products include antistatic compound, conductive compound; anti static masterbatch; anti static sheet; anti static film. The anti static plastic materials have been widely used in consumer electronics, electrical parts,medical equipment, automotive, high speed train, boats, military application, etc.
Anti static masterbatch
Characteristics of anti static masterbatch
  • Immediate anti-static effect and long-term effectiveness.
  • Low effect of relative humidity on antistatic properties.
  • Is not migrating of the compound.
  • Can maintain mechanical properties of the polymer.
  • Extremely effective to provide different performance targets (10E8-10E11 Ohm/sq.).
  • Even results below 10E7 Ohms/sq. can be reached in optimized formulations.
Application of anti static masterbatch
  • Antistatic packaging:foam;thermoformed trays;carrier tapes and reel tapes.
  • Industrial:clean roomequipment;surface and flooring;containers, bags for flammable or explosive goods.
  • Chip and semi-conductive packaging:anti-static swing boxes, IC packaging, chip carriers, film bags, etc., for the production and electric field of integrated circuits,sensor sheaths and other precision electronic components in electronic products.
  • Electronic products:printers tray;mail/paper sorters;electronics housing.
Customized transparent anti static masterbatch, storage instructions
  • 80 AN T is customized transperant anti static masterbatch for LDPE blowing.
  • 90 AN T is elastomer transperant anti static masterbatch. Applicable to transperant TPU resin,thermal resistance over 250 °C,suitable for transperant TPU blow film or TPU injection.
  • INCHR@anti static masterbatch is packed in 25 kgs.
  • The products can be stored unopened in its original packaging for at least 24 months without losing its properties.
antistatic plastic,esd plastic,antistatic masterbatch

Our Service

Custom formulation for industrial applications
  • INCHR Company ,providing you with antisatic plastic and ESD plastic,custommization and services for ESD propection .
  • We rommend the suitable antistatic compound or ESD compound,and provide customized solutions according to customer’s requirements,including the whole service from color design,product development to molding condition.
  • Quick response and field service in 24 hours.

Our R&D Lab

We own a first-class R&D team which focuses on the development and application of antistatic plastic and ESD plastic.Our lab also contains a full range of advanced testing equipments ASTM/ISO testing methods that ensure consistency and repeatability.

R&D Lab

Corporate Culture

Our Advantage
Our Advantage

If your application requires something even more special,our experts will work with you together rapidly, develop unique formulation to create products that will dazzle your customers!

Our Mission
Our Mission

We shall supply high-quality products and services that earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers,To be the most reliable ESD plastic supplier.

Our Vision
Our Vision

In the future ,INCHR will continue to meet the challenge,grow the INCHR brand,strive to become a world-class technology expert in ESD plastic industry.




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