Antistatic Concentrate For MABS

● 120T is suitable for transparent ABS resin ,like LG/TR-558AI, Toray Toyolac 920 etc.
● Addition level 10-25 wt% to achieve surface resitivity 10^8-10^11 Ohms/sq.
● Typical properties
– Melting Point 190°C
– Melt Flow Rate 20 g/10 min
– Surface Resistivity( 23°C, 50%R.H) 1.5×10E7 Ohms/sq

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Antistatic Additives For PlasticIntroduction

●120T is a ESD concentrate of permanent, internal added antistatic additives for plastic.The surface resistivity of the final product is not humidity dependent.Offers protection against the problems caused by static electricity including destruction of electronic circuits, electric shock, appliance malfunctions and dust adhesion.Suitable for clear formulation. It can be processed by injection and extrusion . Recommended dosage level is 10%-25 %wt.
●Main applications are clear IC chip tray and clear IC container in semi-conductive packaging industry,such like Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.
●The surface resistivity of composite of MABS resin and 120T minimally changes lightly due to this product’s low dependency on humidity.



Antistatic Additives For Plastic2

●Acts immediately and provides long-term antistatic effect.
●Can be processed by injection, extrusion and blow molding.
●Very low humidity influence.
●No blooming or migration.
●Low addition amount, more cost-effective than anti-static raw materials.


Antistatic Additives For Plastic3Packaging And Storage

●25kg in a composite bag, Should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse, is strictly prohibited in the rain, water immersion.
●Store in the original container securely under cool and dry conditions.
●All antistatic additives can be stored in its original packaging for at least 24 months without losing its properties.
●Use immediately after opening,Keep closed when not in use, in case of that this product absorbs moisture, drying at 85 ºC-95 for 3h under vacuum is required before use.


carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic
permanent antistatic agent
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