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Company Profile

INCHR was established in Dongguan China, in 2012. INCHR manufactures a wide range of products including permanent antistatic compounds, conductive compounds, carbon fiber reinforced compounds, ESD masterbatches, and other modified plastics such as graphene plastics. The permanent antistatic additives are additives designed for compounders. They are suitable for most resins and to solve static problems on the surface of plastic parts. We also have transparent permanent antistatic additives customized for transparent resins, such as MABS, PP, GPPS, and TPU. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic can be used for injection molding and extrusion and is suitable for lightweight, high-strength plastic parts. ESD master batches are functional master batches customized by injection molding factories, film-making factories, and sheet-making factories. It has the characteristics of low addition amount and high efficiency. Graphene PVC is a compound with excellent performance graphene plastic, and outstanding mechanical properties compared to traditional PVC.

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INCHR works to satisfy the needs of its customers, and we excel in speed and flexibility. INCHR has long-term business relationships with end users such as Foxconn, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, BYD, GREE, OFILM, etc.

As a leading manufacturer in its industry, INCHR is growing tremendously. We are willing to provide quality products and services for more customers in various industries, including networks & telecommunication equipment, consumer electronics, automotive, power supplies, lighting, and semiconductor packages.

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Our Advantage

If your application requires something even more special,our experts will work with you together rapidly, develop unique formulation to create products that will dazzle your customers!

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Our Mission

We shall supply high-quality products and services that earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers,To be the most reliable ESD plastics supplier.

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Our Vision

In the future ,INCHR will continue to meet the challenge,grow the INCHR brand,and strive to become a world-class technology expert in ESD plastics.

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