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What’s INCHR@conductive compound?

NCHR’s conductive compound is classified modified plastics which includes electrical conductive compund, thermal conductive compound and reinforced compound.In addition,INCHR is the leading manufacturer of metalized carbon fiber in China.The types of matrix used in our products are varied, including general plastics (ABS, PP, PE,PS, etc.), engineering plastics (PC,PPO,PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT, PET, etc.) and high-performance plastics(PPS,PPA,etc.).And the fillers include carbon fiber, metal fibers, carbon nanotubes,carbon black and a variety of minerals.

What are advantages of INCHR@conductive compound?

1.Shielding effectiveness

The EMI shielding effect is mainly achieved by reflecting electromagnetic wave on material surface(especially the frequency below 10GHz) and absorbing when wave penetrating materials,the total efficiency of any EMI shielding material is equal to the sum of reflection and absorption.

High performance INCHR@conductive compound can provide same level conductive as the shielding coating layer on surface(such as vacuum deposited aluminum layer,nickel copper composite coating or conductive coating), so the reflection effect is similar. But the absorption effect of INCHR@conductive compound is better than coating layer because of the thickness and the skin depth of INCHR@conductive compound parts is far greater than coating layer in practical application and the filler (such as nickel, graphite and carbon fiber, etc.) also has the ability to absorb electromagnetic wave.

2.Corrosion resistance

Unlimited Unfold

INCHR@conductive compound is often formulated with high performance engineering plastics(such as ABS+PC,etc.) as base material, it has a very good corrosion resistance,processability and low production energy loss. Because of the strong corrosion resistance,INCHR@conductive compound is an ideal choice for outdoor harsh environments. After a salt spray exposure test(360 hours,5% NaCl solution,35 degrees,95% relative humidity [ASTM B117])the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of INCHR@conductive compound is no different with original because the corrosion resistance characteristic of nickel coated carbon fiber and nickel coated graphiteTherefore INCHR@conductive compound can work in harsh environments without any second processing (such as spraying,electroplating).

3.Weight savings

Low density ,reduce transportation costs.Compared with metal,NCHR@conductive compound's density is only 1/4 of common metal's ,can be processed into a thin wall structure(0.5mm).

INCHR@conductive compound is high strength,anti corrosion ,good processability and excellent perforamance.It has been a trend to replace common metal in electric industry.

Classification of INCHR@conductive compounds

Carbon fiber reinforced compound :Reinforced by carbon fiber with certain amount,such like PPS ,PPO,PEEK,PBT and so on.

Carbon nanotube filled compound:Filled by carbon nanotube,such like PC ,ABS.

Graphene filled compound:Filled by graphene,such like PC,PVC.

Stainless steel filled compound:Filled by stainless steel,such like TPU.

Carbon black filled compound:Filled byarbon black,cost effective,such like PP ,PE,HIPS,ABS.

Application of INCHR@conductive compounds

INCHR@conductive compound can be widely used in anti electromagnetic interference(EMI/RFI),antistatic in electronic,micro electronic,telecommunication,medical machiney,chemical,military,aerospace.

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