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ESD Compound

Why we choose antistatic compound

When customer can’t accept black colour compound for esd protection,no sloughing issue at all,or it must be colourable, INCHR@antistatic compound is your best choise,As a professional ESD plastic supplier,we are able to provide wide range of solution to satisfy your requirement.

Matrixs include HDPE ,LDPE ,PP ,HIPS,ABS ,PC PC/ABS ,TPU,TPE,PBT ,POM and so on. INCHR@antistatic compound is formulated antistatic concentrate(8% to 25%) with matrix to reach SR 10E7 to 10E11 Ohms for ESD protection.It’s workable for translucent or transparent.


INCHR@antistatic compound offer numerous advantages over reinforced conductive compound:

●Colorable ●Recyclable ●Easy to handle and process


INCHR@antistatic compound include:

Styrenic matrix such as HIPS and ABS,surface resistivity 10E8 to 10E11 Ohms.

Polymer alloys matrix such as PC/ABS and PBT/ABS ,surface resistivity 10E9 to 10E11 Ohms.

Elastomer matrix such as TPE,TPEE,TPU ,surface resistivity 10E7 to 10E11 Ohms.

Polyolefins such as PP,PE,POE,surface resistivity 10E8 to 10E11 Ohms.

Polyester such as PBT,surface resistivity 10E9 to 10E11 Ohms.

Polyamide such as PA6,PA66,surface resistivity 10E9 to 10E11 Ohms.

Handling and storage

Unlimited Unfold

Antistatic compounds are very hygroscopic substances and should be dried before shipping. It needs to be stored in cool and dry conditions. Use immediately after opening.

Keep the container closed when not in use. If the antistatic compound has absorbed moisture, it needs to be dried under vacuum at 85 ºC for 3 hours before use.


The performance of INCHR@antistatic compound is leading level in the domestic market and equaling with abroad standard, this is achieved by virtue of many unique technologies with intellectual property rights, therefore INCHR@antistatic compound is gradually substituting the similar overseas products. INCHR can supply not only a series of standard products but also the overall solution of antistatic plastics based on any details of customers’requirements by strong technical strength.

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