Polycarbonate ESD Compound

● The ESD Polycarbonate is a formulation of PC resin and a certain amount of permanent antistatic agent, glass fiber and flame retardant are optional.
● Surface resistivity 10^9-10^11 Ohms/sq, colorable and transparency
● Features and application
– Medium flow, high impact
– Automotive parts;Home appliances housing;Motor shell

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antistatic masterbatchPC AN900 Characteristics

PC AN900 is a high performance antistatic polymer with dosage level of 15%-20% permanent antistatic agent added, surface resistivity value 10E9-10E11 Ohms/sq,offer reliability and value for applications that require dissipation of static charges, protection from electrostatic discharge.
The Polycarbonate ESD compound has superior impact and chemical resistance.This ESD compound is widely used in the automotive, applications including access panels, static control shields, equipment covers machine guards.Safety helmet,LED display screen ,clear window,control panel, smartphone, membrane switch.
PC antistatic masterbatch is an option for ESD protection.


PC AN900 Properties

PC AN900 properties

Specific Gravity 1.28 D792
Molding Shrinkage 0.50 – 0.80 % D955
Impact Strength, Izod notched 41 J/m D256
Tensile Strength 64 MPa D638
Tensile Elongation 9.5 % D638
Tensile Modulus 2700 MPa D638
Flexural Strength 90 MPa D790
Flexural Modulus 2040 MPa D790
Surface Resistivity 1.0E+9- 9.9E+11 ohm/sq D257(23°C, 50%R.H)
Injection Pressure 69 – 103 MPa
Melt Temperature 250- 270 °C
Mold Temperature 95 °C

esd polymer
Why is the ESD polymer necessary?

Most polymers are insulating materials with a high probability of electrostatic accumulation. Here are challenging examples that electrostatic accumulation for polymers is facing:
1. Problems of during transportation, storage, and packaging and pollution problems.
2. The ubiquitous dust adsorption not only affects the appearance of plastic products, but also affects the normal operation of plastic products.
3. Increased the potential risk of electrostatic discharge that may damage the electronic components.
4. The risk of electrostatic discharge may endanger people’s life safety, and even cause fire or explosion in public places.
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