Conductive PS Compound

● The PS conductive compound is fomulated with PS resin with carbon black,carbon fiber to achieve surface resistivity 10^2-10^4 Ohms/sq.
● Process Suitable for Injection molding, extrusion
● Typical Properties
– Density 1.16 g/cm³
– Volume Resistivity < 1E2
– Surface Resistivity < 1E4 ohm/sq

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conductive polycarbonatePS conductive compound properties:

1.Conductive PS compounds contain conductive masterbatch that offers an extremely high aspect ratio providing uniformly conductive surfaces with low loading at 5-8 %wt.Glass fiber reinforced and flame retardent available.
2.It is a kind of milky white semi-crystalline polymer, and non-toxic,odorless and is very stable to water, easy to shape, It is classified as an environmentally friendly material.
3.Density 0.89-0.91 means one of the lightest plastic varieties.
4.Good mechanical properties, except for impact resistance, other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, good molding and processing performance.
5.With high heat resistance, the continuous use temperature can reach 110-120℃.
6.Conductive PS has good chemical performance,hardly water absorption, and no reaction with the vast majority of chemicals.


PS conductive compound applications:

conductive polycarbonate2

The conductive PS are not only gains ground rapidly in anti-static additives, computer anti-electromagnetic screens, intelligent windows and other aspects, but also has broad application prospects in solar cells, mobile phones, micro TV screens and even life science research. Moreover, conductive masterbatch will drive the rapid development of molecular electrons. In the future, humans can not only greatly improve the computing speed of computers, but also reduce the size of computers.
In electrical engineering, conductive PS are widely used in groove insulation and interphase insulation of small and medium-sized motors, as well as packaging insulation of capacitors, transformers, wires and cables or gasket insulation. Because the conductive PS is thin and has good electrical performance, the insulation thickness can be reduced, which is important to reduce the weight and volume of the motor and electrical appliances.
Conductive PS is recommended for applications in which conductivity and good impact performances are required;profile extrusion applications such as bench edging,PS films,PS sheets,pump parts,pipes, DIP tubes and explosives carrying tubes are typicalgeneral production aids for the electronics industry.


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