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permanent antistatic agent
Permanent Antistatic Additive
permanent anti static additive
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A permanent antistatic agent is added to polymers to achieve static protection by lowering the resistivity of the materials. The permanent antistatic agent is also referred to as a permanent antistatic additive. More and more compounders are choosing permanent antistatic additives to solve the static issue as functional additive master batches nowadays. The permanent antistatic additives are not chemical antis tat additives.

What’s INCHR@permanent antistatic agent?

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is a copolymer that consists of polyether, polyester, and polyamide blocks. I can achieve the immediate and long-term antistatic effect. The permanent antistatic agent presents as pellets in pale yellow, natural, and semitransparent. 

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent can be compounded with matrix at a certain amount of dosage to achieve different surface resistivity.

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is widely applicable to LDPE, LLDPE HDPE, PP, HIPS, PVC, ABS, POM, TPE, TPU, and PBT. It’s compatible with polymers, in addition to functional additives such as antioxidants, flame retardants, and optical brighteners.

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is a low humidity influence. It has an immediate antistatic effect in the final parts. It has a permanent anti-static effect. It’s a recyclable anti-static agent that has no blooming, no migrating, and no sloughing.

What’are non permanent antistatic additives?

  • No effect in dry conditions, no immediate effect, no permanent effect.
  • Additives start to migrate to the final parts’ surface after processing.
  • Chemical additives cover the surface and attract water from the atmosphere.
  • With time the additives are wiped away from the surface, static charges reappear and the final products lose antistatic properties and become insulation again.
  • Non-permanent antistatic additives are sensitive to relative humidity and inefficient in dry conditions.


INCHR@anti static agent is delivered in pellets form, It can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding, and can be compounded with 3%-5% compatibility. Typical addition levels are 8% – 25 % dependent on the host matrix and processing technology and resistivity value.

We recommend compounding or pelletizing permanent antistatic agents with resins before processing (injection, extrusion, blowing), a twin-screw extruder is an option. Adding 3%-5% compatilizer(LOTADER® AX8900,LOTADER® 3210) is necessary.

Packaging And Store

INCHR@permanent antistatic agent is a very hygroscopic substance that is dried before shipping. Store in the original container securely under cool and dry conditions. After opening, use immediately. Keep closed when not in use. In case this product absorbs moisture, drying at 85 ºC for 3 h under a vacuum is required before use.

Safety & Handling

For information on the appropriate Handling & Storage of this copolymer, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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