Antistatic Additive For POM

● POM 55 AN is a permanent antistatic agent which issuitable for POM resin ,POM GF,POM FR.
● Addition level 8-25 wt% to achieve surface resitivity 10^7-10^10 Ohms/sq.
● Typical properties
– Melting Point 131°C
– Melt Flow Rate (200°C,2.16kg ) 3.5 g/10 min
– Surface Resistivity( 23°C, 50%R.H) 2×10E6 Ohms/sq

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  • POM 55 AN is a permanent anti dust,anti static agent distributed by INCHR. Offers protection against the problems caused by static electricity including destruction of electronic circuits, electric shock, appliance malfunctions and dust adhesion.Suitable for any colour formulation. Compatible with pom resins. It can be processed by injection and extrusion. Recommended dosage level is 8-15 %wt.
  • POM 55 AN is an internal anti-static additive for plastics, especially applicatons of POM sheets of POM rods.
  • POM 55 AN is a permanent,non-migrating ,internal added type permanent anti static additive,The surface resistivity value of the final fiber is not humidity dependent.It provides a longer-term anti-static effect as compared to glycerol monostearate.


Impact of humidity (RH %) on antistatic behavior

*While the non-ionics are less impacted by normal plant RH factors, phosphates and quaternary amines tend to exhibit marked behavior based on humidity.

*Phosphate effectiveness significantly decreases with decreases in RH %. Decreasing RH during polymer processing from normally a 60-70% RH range to less than 45% can result in a 10 fold drop in ability to control static.

*Quaternary amines are generally not impacted severely by humidity changes though effectiveness tends to be non-linear with MW increase.


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