Conductive PP Compound

● The PP conductive compound is fomulated with PP resin with carbon black,carbon fiber to achieve surface resistivity 10^2-10^4 Ohms/sq.
● Process Suitable for Injection molding,extrusion
● Typical Properties
– Density 1.14 g/cm³
– Volume Resistivity < 1E2
– Surface Resistivity < 1E4 ohm/sq

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conductive ppPP conductive compound properties:

Conductive Polypropylene compounds contain carbon nanotube which offer an extremely high aspect ratio providing uniformly conductive surfaces with low loading at 5-8 %wt.Glass fiber reinforced and flame retardent available.
Conductive PP is a new material usually composed of polypropylene and conductive carbon black. It has multiple characteristics such as excellent conductivity, high strength, and good corrosion resistance.
For application of extrusion ,we highly recommend PP conductive masterbatch ,lower dosage with conductivity,stability,easy processing of dry blending.


PP conductive compound applications:

conductive polypropylene

Static electricity protection: In fields such as electronics and semiconductor production, static electricity may cause damage to sensitive components. Conductive PP can be used to make anti-static packaging, containers, etc. to help dissipate static electricity.
Electronic device packaging: Conductive PP can be used to manufacture packaging materials for electronic devices to ensure the connection and protection of electronic devices.
Such like ESD film ,housings,power tools,household appliances,pumpp parts,pipes.


permanent antistatic agent
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