Conductive PEEK Compound

● The conductive PEEK compound are fomulated with PEEK resin with carbon black,carbon nanotube or carbon fiber to achieve surface resistivity 10^3-10^8 Ohms/sq.
● Suitable for Injection molding,extrusion
● Typical Properties
– Density 1.41 g/cm³
– Volume Resistivity < 1E3
– Surface Resistivity < 1E8 ohm/sq

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conductive peekConductive PEEK Compound Introduction

•Conductive PEEK compound is based on PEEK resin and, and formulated with carbon black,carbon nanotubes , or carbon fibers. It can achieve anti-static, conductive, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) functions.The surface resistance of conductive PEEK can be adjusted from the range of 10^3 to 10^8 Ohms.
•Conductive PEEK compound is a regular black solid object with uniform and shiny color, hard texture, smooth surface and density of 1.4-1.45g/cm3. Conductive PEEK has good antistatic properties, mechanical strength, rigidity, high hardness, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance and friction properties, high creep resistance, good dimensional stability, and UV resistance. It has the characteristics of high-energy radiation resistance, inherent low flammability, and low smoke production when burning.


Conductive PEEK Applications

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• Aerospace, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power, rail transportation and other fields.
• Medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, such as gas analyzer structural parts, heat exchanger scrapers.
• Fuel cells, conductive PEEK has become one of the indispensable materials in fuel cells due to its excellent properties such as high temperature, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.
• In the semiconductor field, it is mainly used in 300mm chip carriers, CMP retaining rings, wafer suckers, insulation films, connectors, printed circuit boards, high-temperature connectors, optional plating rings, etc.
•Conductive PEEK CNT has lower specific gravity than glass fiber filled PEEK compounds and provide super strength,this makes Conductive PEEK CNT an ideal choice for benefiting from lighter-weight components such as automobiles, sporting goods and automation systems such as robots and drones.


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Conductive peek
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