30% Carbon Fiber Nylon 66

Electrically Conductive 30% Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Injection Molding

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Carbon fiber reinforced Nylon properties

PA66 MC305 is carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic compound which is a composite material composed of 30% carbon fiber and nylon 66 resin.

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon combines the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, making it widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, automotive industry, sports equipment, construction industry, as well as electronic products and medical Equipment, etc. There are two main methods for preparing carbon fiber reinforced nylon: prepreg method and injection molding method. The prepreg method involves laminating carbon fiber cloth pre-impregnated with resin in a mold and curing it under high temperature and high pressure; the injection molding method is to mix carbon fiber and resin and directly inject it into the mold and heat and solidify it.

In addition,this carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic compound also has high modulus, high mechanical strength and high rigidity, and its continuous use temperature can reach 150°C, which makes it very popular in applications that require lightweight but high strength. For example, carbon fiber reinforced nylon can be used to manufacture components of high-speed railways, as well as various components of automobile engine parts, electrical parts and car body parts. It is also used to make parts with excellent wear and creep resistance to replace traditional metal materials


Carbon fiber reinforced Nylon advantages

  1. High strength and high stiffness: Since the strength and stiffness of carbon fiber are very high, after reinforcing nylon, its strength and stiffness will also be significantly improved.
  2. Good high temperature performance:carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic compound still maintains excellent physical and mechanical properties at high temperatures.
  3. Lightweight: Carbon fiber is a lightweight material, so parts made of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic compound also have lighter weight.

Although carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic has the above advantages, there are also some disadvantages. For example, the price is higher and the production process is more complicated.


Carbon fiber reinforced Nylon injection molding processing

1.Injection molding machine selection

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon injection molding processing has relatively high requirements on the injection molding machine. It needs to have the characteristics of large injection pressure, wide back pressure adjustment range, and high temperature control accuracy. It is recommended to choose an injection molding machine with excellent brand and stable performance to ensure production efficiency and product quality.

2.Mold design

Mold design involves product size, structure, wall thickness, etc., and the characteristics of carbon fiber reinforced nylon injection molding need to be fully taken into consideration. It is generally recommended to use optimized design methods such as large runners, hot runners, and comprehensive cross-sections to improve mold fluidity and product surface quality.

3.Processing conditions

  • Injection speed: Try to use high-speed injection to ensure that the carbon fiber reinforced nylon compound fully fills the mold cavity and avoids the generation of bubbles.
  • Temperature control: The processing temperature of carbon fiber reinforced nylon is relatively high, and precise temperature control of the injection molding machine, hot runner, mold, etc. is required to avoid defects such as shrinkage cavities, inclusions, and deformation.
  • Back pressure adjustment: When carbon fiber reinforced nylon compound is injected, the back pressure needs to be adjusted appropriately to ensure product surface quality and dimensional accuracy.
  • Cooling time: After injecting of carbon fiber reinforced nylon compound, a certain cooling time is required before demoulding to avoid defects such as deformation and cracking.

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon injection molding process requirements are relatively strict, and it is necessary to pay attention to material selection, injection molding machine selection, mold design and processing conditions to ensure product performance and quality.


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