Graphene Reinforced PVC

• Excellent flame retardancy
• Easy processing
• Good impact resistance
• Surface resistivity ranges from 10^3 to 10^9 Ohms

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SA 500C6 Introduction

SA 500C6 conductive PVC is a graphene reinforced plastic with conductive properties, which is mainly achieved by mixing graphene with PVC. Graphene is a honeycomb-shaped two-dimensional crystal composed of a single layer of hexagonal carbon atoms. The thickness is only one carbon atom. Large π bonds are formed between the carbon atoms on the sheets, giving it excellent electrical conductivity. Adding graphene to PVC can form a conductive network in the PVC matrix, thereby improving its conductivity.

This material can be used in conductive ,anti-static, thermal conductivity and other fields.
This conductive PVC is made of graphene and and other carbon materials modified with excellent conductive or antistatic performance.SA 500C6 is a hard graphene reinforced plastic with hardness 64D.Other specifications can be customized according to customer’s different needs.


SA 500C6 Applications

Conductive PVC SA 500C6 can be used to manufacture electronic components, circuit boards, wires and cables, etc. to provide good conductivity and insulation properties. It can be used in situations where static electricity accumulation needs to be prevented, such as electronic equipment packaging, powder transportation pipelines,coal mine gas drainage pipes, explosion-proof places, etc.

Conductive PVC can be made into electromagnetic shielding materials to protect electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference. Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, conductive PVC can be used to manufacture sensors such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors,conductive or antistatic co-extruded pipes, etc.

In the automotive field, conductive PVC can be used in automotive wiring harnesses, fuel systems, etc. to ensure the stability and safety of electrical connections. In addition, conductive PVC can also be used in medical devices, aerospace, industrial automation and other fields.


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