ESD POM Comound

● The ESD Delrin compound is a formulation of Delrin resin and a certain amount of permanent antistatic agent,glass fiber and flame retardent are optional,injection molding and extrusion molding.
● Permanent anti-static performance: ESD Delrin compound has low surface resistance that ranges from 10^7-10^11 Ohms/sq, which can effectively eliminate the accumulation of natural charges and will not cause charging and discharging phenomena. It will not generate static electricity when the human body comes into contact with it, and it can also protect equipment from being damaged by static electricity.

● ESD Delrin compound is divided into natural color and black, and other colors can be customized.
● Dimensional stability,high stiffness,fatigue resistance.

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esd delrinESD POM Compound Advantages

• Wear resistance: ESD POM compounds have excellent wear resistance and can maintain good performance over long-term use.
• Corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and salts, and can be used in harsh environments.
• Mechanical properties: It has high strength and rigidity, as well as good toughness and elasticity, and can meet various mechanical requirements.
• Dimensional stability: ESD POM compounds have good dimensional stability and are not easily deformed, making them suitable for occasions that require high dimensional accuracy.
• Processing performance: Easy to process, and can be made into products of various shapes using injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods.
• Cost-effective: Compared with other conductive materials, ESD POM compounds have a higher cost performance and can reduce costs in some applications.


ESD POM Compound Applications


ESD POM compounds have good comprehensive properties and are widely used in many fields:
• Electronic and electrical fields: Used in the manufacture of electronic components, electrical housings, connectors, etc. to prevent damage to electronic equipment caused by the accumulation of static electricity.
• Automobile industry: Suitable for the manufacturing of automobile parts, such as door handles, instrument panels, fenders, etc., to reduce the interference of static electricity on automobile electronic systems.
• Industrial manufacturing: ESD POM compound has excellent wear resistance,it can be used in the production of industrial machinery parts, conveyor wheels, gears, etc. Due to the stable anti-static performance of ESD POM, it will not absorb dust to improve the wear resistance, reliability and safety of the equipment.
• Medical equipment:Chemical resistance to solvents fuels,high fatigue endurance,high strength and stiffness,These characteristics make ESD compound a good option for component manufacturing of medical equipment, such as surgical instruments, monitoring instruments, etc., to ensure the safety of static electricity during the medical process.


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