Antistatic Additive For Nylon

● PA 92 AN is designed for Nylon resin ,Nylon GF10 ,Nylon GF20.
● Addition level 15-25 wt% to achieve surface resitivity 10^8-10^10 Ohms/sq.
● Typical properties
– Melting Point 196°C
– Melt Flow Rate (200°C,2.16kg ) 2.5 g/10 min
– Surface Resistivity( 23°C, 50%R.H) 3.5×10E6 Ohms/sq

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antistatic additive for nylonIntroduction

●PA 92 AN is a permanent, non-migrating ,internal added type antistatic additive for Nylon resin.Designed for both anti-dust and preventing electrostatic discharge application.This anti static additive is immediately functional and imparts long-term anti static performance,low influence of relative humidity on the anti static performance.Suitable for any colour formulation.It can be processed by injection and extrusion after compounding with Nylon. The standard amount of PA 92 AN is between 10 and 20 wt %.
●PA 300AN is a permanent antistatic materbatch which is designed for Nylon 6 single layer blown film 2.0 mils,It’s a permanent antistatic masterbatch for dry-blend,regularly with 10wt% can achieve 10^10 Ohms.


Typical Features

antistatic additive for nylon2

●Can be used for both anti-dust and preventing electrostatic discharge application.
●Can maintain mechanical properties of the initial polymers.
●Can be processed by injection, extrusion and blow molding.
●Very low humidity influence.No blooming or migration.
●Low addition amount, more cost-effective than anti-static raw materials.

antistatic additive for nylon3What is non permanent antistatic additive?

● No effect in dry conditions,no immediate effect,no permanent effect.
● Additives start to migrage to the final parts’ surface after processing.
● Chemical additives cover the surface and attract water from atmosphere.
● With time additives are wiped away from surface static charges reappears and the final products lose antistatic properties and becom insulative again.
● Non permanent antistatic additives are very sensitive to humidity and inefficient in dry conditions.






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