Conductive PE Compound

◆ Stable electrical conductivity with good dispersion.
◆ Can be used as conductive masterbatch,little loss to the mechanical properties of the material.
◆ Simple processing, no issue of dropping powder, friendly to the environment.

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PE ESDConductive PE Features

•Conductive PE compound is a polyethylene plastic raw material with conductive function and anti-static effect. It has appropriate conductive properties and anti-static properties by formulating appropriate PE resin, PE conductive masterbatch and fillers.Dosage of conductive masterbatch 45-55% is designed to achieve 1.0E+04 ~1.0E+06 ohm for PE ESD blown film (thickness 0.015mm).
•PE ESD is divided into anti-static grade and conductive grade. Anti-static PE has good transparency, heat resistance and chemical resistance, and also has permanent anti-static properties. Conductive PE is usually black and is mainly used to produce conductive PE films。Conductive PE has good dispersion which ensures stable resistance value of end products。


Conductive PE Applications


• Electronic and electrical field: as an important material for products such as cables, wires, plugs, sockets and connectors. PE conductive film is used to package electronic components to prevent damage caused by static electricity.
• Semiconductor industry: As the preferred material for packaging and transportation of semiconductor devices, it can prevent static electricity.
• Automotive field: used as packaging or turnover materials for automotive electrical, fuel system, water tank radiator, instrument panel and other components.
• Energy field: The low friction coefficient and strong wear resistance of PE conductive make it also used in the energy field. It mainly protects precision parts from static electricity.


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