PS ESD Compound

● The PS ESD Compound is a formulation of HIPS resin and a certain amount of permanent antistatic agent.
● This antistatic polystyrene compound can be processed by injection or extrusion.
● Surface resitivity of PS ESD specimen ranges from 10^8 to10^11 Ohms/sq,colourable.
● Conductive PS and PS condutive masterbatch are available for sheet makers.

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antistatic polystyrenePS ESD Features

1. Permanent anti-static performance: PS ESD compounds are usually added with 10%-25% of anti-static additives, which can effectively reduce or prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity, making the products have good anti-static effects. In order to optimize costs, we also can provide customers with PS ESD masterbatch. The method of use is dry blending by ratios to achieve different surface resistance values.
2. High transparency: The PS ESD compound itself has high transparency. While maintaining this characteristic, the antistatic Polystyrene agent or masterbatch will only have a littel impact on the transparency.
4. Excellent processing performance: It is easy to be injection molded, the processing process is relatively simple, and it can be made into products of various shapes and sizes.
5. Relatively low cost: Compared with some special ESD compounds , the cost of antistatic Polystyrene raw materials is relatively low and has certain economic advantages.
6. Wide range of applications: Due to its anti-static properties, antistatic Polystyrene raw materials are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, medical and other fields, such as PS anti static tape carriers, electronic component trays, etc.


PS ESD Compound Extruding Processing

ps esd sheet

PS ESD compound is widely used in the production of antistatic Polystyrene sheets. According to different surface resistance value requirements, we can provide PS ESD compound or Polystyrene antistatic masterbatch respectively. PS ESD compounds are special raw materials customized according to surface resistance. Polystyrene antistatic masterbatch is dry-mixed by the user in proportion according to different surface resistance values, and then extrude. The solution of suppling Polystyrene antistatic masterbatch is more optimized than suppling PS ESD compound in cost.
The following is the extruding processing of antistatic Polystyrene sheet:
1. Prepare the required raw materials according to the parts by weight: 65-95 parts of polystyrene, 10-25 parts of composite toughening additives, and 1-2 parts of other additives.
2. Place the prepared ingredients in a high mixer and mix evenly.
3. Dry the mixture with hot air at 85-95°C for 4-5 hours.
4. Place the dried mixture in a sheet extrusion machine for melting, blending and extrusion molding.The processing temperature needs to be controlled reasonably. Generally speaking, the processing temperature of PS ESD compound is about 10 degrees lower than that of regular PS resin.
The processing technology of antistatic Polystyrene sheet may vary depending on specific uses and requirements. It is recommended to adjust according to actual needs.


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