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conductive polypropylene
conductive polypropylene

Conductive PP Compound

  • ● The PP conductive compound is fomulated with PP resin with carbon black,carbon fiber to achieve surface resistivity 10^2-10^4 Ohms/sq.
  • ● Process Suitable for Injection molding,extrusion
  • ● Typical Properties
  • – Density 1.14 g/cm³
  • – Volume Resistivity < 1E2
  • – Surface Resistivity < 1E4 ohm/sq

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conductive pp
PP conductive compound properties:
  • Conductive Polypropylene compounds contain carbon nanotube which offer an extremely high aspect ratio providing uniformly conductive surfaces with low loading at 5-8 %wt.Glass fiber reinforced and flame retardent available.
  • Conductive PP is a new material usually composed of polypropylene and conductive carbon black. It has multiple characteristics such as excellent conductivity, high strength, and good corrosion resistance.
  • For application of extrusion ,we highly recommend PP conductive masterbatch ,lower dosage with conductivity,stability,easy processing of dry blending.
conductive polypropylene
PP conductive compound applications:
  • Static electricity protection: In fields such as electronics and semiconductor production, static electricity may cause damage to sensitive components. Conductive PP can be used to make anti-static packaging, containers, etc. to help dissipate static electricity.
  • Electronic device packaging: Conductive PP can be used to manufacture packaging materials for electronic devices to ensure the connection and protection of electronic devices.
  • Such like ESD film ,housings,power tools,household appliances,pumpp parts,pipes.


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