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Anti Static Additive,esd pet
Anti Static Additive,esd pet

ESD PET Compound

  • ● This ESD Compound is a formulation of PET resin and a certain amount of permanent antistatic agent,glass fiber is optional.
  • ● Surface resitivity 10^9-10^11 Ohms/sq,colourable and transparency
  • ● Features and application
  • – High strength ,high heat resistance
  • – Electronic components;Bobbins;Connector

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esd pet
PET ESD compound properties:
  • PET ESD compound is one of most universal antistatic polymer with dosage level of 15%-25% permanent antistatic agent added, surface resistivity value 10E9-10E11 Ohms/sq,offer reliability and value for applications that require dissipation of static charges,It’s widely used in antistatic PET fibre by spinning. Conductive polystyrene is available with low surface resistivity 10E5-10E7 Ohms/sq
esd pet
PET ESD compound applications:
  • The material is excellent for transport containers and packaging and ESD PET fiber.


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