What’s INCHR@Permanent antistatic agent?

That’s a range of block copolymers which consist of polyether, polyester, and polyamide, present as pellets, used to lower the static decay time and surface resistivity of polymers like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PETG, ABS, TPE, TPU, PVC and other engineering plastics.
INCHR@Permanent antistatic agent can be compounded or dry blended into polymers for extrusion, molding, or various other processing methods. After processing, INCHR@Permanent antistatic agents form a polymer network on the surface of end-products, they don’t migrate nor bring any blooming and the antistatic effect is permanent and immediate. Typical addition levels range from 5%- 25%. It’s colorable and suitable for colored formulations.


Permanent antistatic agent

Features and applications of Permanent antistatic agent 

INCHR@Permanent antistatic agents are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure reliable performance. They are:
Long-term antistatic effect
Easy-to-handle and process
The primary applications are the dissipation of static charge to protect against electrical damage and anti-dust. The end uses include:
Antistatic packaging 
Clean room equipment
Electrical products and electronics
Automotive Industrial

Performance in injection moldings

INCHR@Permanent antistatic agents are not that additives start to migrate to end-products surface after injection processing nor chemical additives that attract water from the atmosphere. They are immediately functional and have a long-term antistatic effect.


ESD Testing System

Apply to :
Styrenic polymer like HIPS,PS,ABS,ABS FR,ABS GF;
Thermoplastic elastomer like TPE,TPV,TPU,TPEE
Polymer alloys like PC/ABS, PC/PET;
Polyester like PBT;
Polyamide like PA6,PA6GF;
INCHR@Permanent antistatic agent can be used in a wide range of engineering plastics.


Performance in Permanent antistatic sheets

Use INCHR@Permanent antistatic agent, compatibilizer may be added in Polypropylene sheet, it brings low impact on matrix properties. Most ESD sheets are for electric chip packaging and electronic packaging.


ESD Testing System


Performance in Permanent antistatic films

Pre-compounding polyolefin resin with NCHR@Permanent antistatic agent and other additives, after drying, able to extrude 50μm film. It offers long-lasting antistatic effects in PE or PP at concentration levels of 10-25% and anti-dust properties at 5-8%, imparts an excellent antistatic property to polyethylene and polypropylene for films while causing practically no lowering of their physical properties.


ESD Testing System


Handling and storage of Permanent antistatic agent 

NCHR@Permanent antistatic agent is a hygroscopic substance that is dried before shipping. All permanent antistatic agents are supplied in 25 kg a bag, an aluminum foil bag inside, and a blank paper bag outside. Store in the original packaging securely under cool and dry conditions. After opening it, use it immediately.
Keep closed when not in use. In case of that, this product absorbs moisture, drying at 85 ºC for 3 h under vacuum is required before use.
These products can be stored unopened in their original packaging for at least 24 months without losing property.

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