What is an anti-static compound?

Anti Static Compound

Antistatic indicates those materials which cannot become statically charged. Generally, a static charge is caused by friction between clothing and another surface and this can be your body, other garments, or even the upholstery of the chair. Surely, you don’t want these charges to accumulate and these charges need to be discharged as quickly as possible. Anti-static materials are schematic to prevent the creation and build-up of triboelectric charging. It occurs when two materials touch and transfer electrons. Simply, refers to the ability of the material to inhibit the production of static electricity that can be combined with conductive or dissipative qualities.

What is an anti-static compound?

Simply, the anti-static compound is used to neutralize the products and prevent any static buildup or discharge. The anti-static compound consists of a complex thermoset combination of a cationic surfactant that contains from 8 to 22 carbon atoms with essential oil and glycol. If you heat a mixture of the cationic surfactant essential oil and glycol results in a composition. In these compositions the oil bonds directly to the cationic compound with a resinous effect surrounding the cationic charged particles as a result of that prolonging discharge capability. It is may be applied directly to the surface of materials to be anti-statically treated. Anti-static materials increased the effectiveness, stability, and longevity of the products.


Anti Static Compound


Why use an anti-static compound?

Anti-static compounds are ESD-free compounds that have some essential benefits.

  • Anti-static compounds are used to avoid a static discharge that can cause electrical interference, fires or shorts, etc.
  • It can reduce dust collection or build-up.
  • Anti-static compounds are ideal for high-risk areas where anti-static is critical. These areas are fuel or petrol stations, hospitals, airports, computer rooms, cell phone centers, and where facilities with high fire risk.
  • In addition, it is used in a variety of products such as shoe soles, cell phone covers, plastic displays, medical pill dispensers, aerosol devices, toy parts, and many more.



Benefits of an anti-static compound.

An anti-static compound can neutralize the products and protects against electrostatic build-up. It has many benefits because of its essentiality in products. Here, mentioned some important benefits. These are-

  • It prevents the attraction of dust and dirt.
  • Antistatic compound materials are compatible with glass, plastic, and other synthetic materials.
  • Its products are hugely used in the textile industry, and food industries and also recommend the application of conveyor belts.
  • The anti-static compound is very effective for cleaning plastic housing and electronic and electric devices.
  • It is ozone safe, CFC and HCFC free, and safe more than most plastics.


Anti Static Compound


Where is the best place for buying anti-static compounds?

Although it is very confusing to find out a trustworthy place for buying good products, if you take a deep look at their sites you can easily understand if’s reliable or not. Anti-static compound products protect you against electric shocks. INCHR is a specialist in antistatic compound products for 12 years. It also offers antistatic plastic, ESD plastic, a conductive compound, anti-static masterbatch; anti-static sheet; anti-static film, etc. Their products are widely used in different industries like food, electrics, garments, medical equipment, automotive, military applications, etc. It is also an agent and distributor of anti-static additives and resin worldwide. Its professional team can ensure your customized products.


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