What is anti-static plastic?

anti static plastic

Plastic is an effective non-conductor means it is a poor conductor of electricity.  Electrical charges can accumulate on its surface, resulting in a static build up and this occurs where there is a sliding, rubbing of material which discharges when it comes into contact with a person or a microcircuit. This is known as electrostatic discharge and it can cause numerous problems when it occurs in a human, including pain or loss of life. If it’s discharged via a microcircuit, it can generate damage to machinery which is dangerous in sensitive environments containing flammable liquids. Anti-static plastic can minimize the risk to life and minimize machinery breakdowns, providing multiple benefits to various sectors.


Features of anti-static plastic.

Anti-static plastic reduces the risk of static discharge destroying your equipment. Anti-static plastics have some important features which can minimize the risk to your equipment. The most common features are mentioned below

  • Static Dissipative

The important feature of anti-static plastic is static dissipative and the competency of a substance to pass the static charge to the ground is known as static dissipation. Generally, plastics are not dissipative, fillers are used to make them dissipative. Electrostatic dissipation is extremely hazardous and it can harm and start fires, cause explosions, ruin electronic components and erase magnetic media. If the plastic has static dissipative features it will help to reduce the dangers and negative consequences of static dissipation.

Surface Resisti

Surface resistivity is a difficult function and it must be established in every ESD coating for plastic because it determines the amount of static charge that can accumulate on the material. The surface resistivity of an antistatic coating for plastic is about to be 10E6-10E8 ohm/square and it is sufficient for dust management, charge bleeding and even electrostatic painting on plastics.


Chemically Resistant

The anti-static plastic object may come into contact with different chemicals which can negatively impact the longevity of the coatings. Corrosion can cause the conducting layer to wear away and decrease its antistatic effectiveness gradually. Good ESD coating for plastic can be resistant to the effects of chemicals such as solvents.


anti static plastic


Application of anti-static plastics

Anti-static plastic has multiple applications in various industries such as food production and manufacturing, electrical equipment, different instruments, and many more. In addition, it is used covers, windows, instruments, partitions, keypads, and shields are just some of the various types of media that make up the large family of anti-static plastics. Anti-static plastic materials can be designed with chemical resistance, light weight, surface hardness, and static dissipation which gives customers their exact customized products. It is widely used in the food and beverage industry and ensures that dust, pollutants, and mites will not be found on products for human consumption. Besides these, it is used in other controlled environments such as within hospital operating rooms. Antistatic plastics are also used in the steel industry to help deaden sound, provide wear and abrasion resistance, and partial protection from scratching in products and finishes.


anti static plastic


Where is the best place for purchasing anti-static plastic materials?

There are many places where you can purchase anti-static plastic materials. But everyone prefers a trustworthy and reliable place. That’s why INCHR is the best place for you. It is specialized in anti-static plastic and ESD plastic sheets for 12 years. INCHR is a professional manufacturer of ESD plastics and its antistatic plastic materials are numerous used in consumer electronics, electrical parts, medical equipment, automotive, high-speed train, boats, military applications, etc. It can provide products to customers’ requirements. It also offers various products such as antistatic compounds, conductive compounds; anti-static masterbatch; anti-static sheet; and static film. It is a certified company by quality environment management and provides quality products worldwide.

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