Antistatic Agent For ABS PP

Antistatic Agent For ABS PP Injection 


302AN is a permanent antistatic agent for ABS PP HIPS resin.302AN is used to lower the static decay time and surface resistivity of end products which are made of ABS,PP ,HIPS.This antistatic agent can be pre compounded or dry blended and incorporate into styrene resins for extrusion molding,or various other processing methods. It imparts a long-lasting antistatic property. The compatibility, dispersibility and stability of antistatic agent for styrene resins are more outstanding than regular antistatic agent, and the physical properties of this resin show minimal change.



Characters of antistatic agent for ABS:

– Regular type that does not contain Sulfur (SO3, SO4)

– Contains no hazardous substances, halogen free

– The most suitable melting point is 200-205°C,

– Is immediately functional and imparts long-term antistatic effect.

– Exhibits low influence of relative humidity on the antistatic performance.

– Is not migrating of the polymer.

– Can be used for both anti-dust and preventing electrostatic discharge application.

– Can maintain mechanical properties of the polymer.

– Can easily be processed by extrusion and injection molding


Application of antistatic agent for ABS:

– Applicable products include semiconductor components (Tray)

– Home appliances such as air conditioners and vacuum cleaners

– Can achieve resistance value 10E7-E11 with dosage 10-25%

– Styrenic resins such as HIPS,ABS,PP

– Polyester such as PBT



Physical and chemical properties of antistatic agent for ABS:

Density                  1.12 g/cm³

Tensile Strength     15.4 Mpa

Melting Point         205 °C

Shore Hardness HD     58

Melt Flow Rate(230°C,2.16kg)           13 g/10 min

Surface Resistivity (25°C, 50%R.H)    2.3×10E6 Ohms

Drying Temperature    100 °C/3 hours


Handling and storage of antistatic agent for ABS:

-25kg paper bag and aluminum foil bag inner.

-The antisatic agent for ABS is very hygroscopic substance which is dried before shipping. Store in the original container securely under cool and dry conditions. After opening, use immediately.

-Keep closed when not in use. In case of that this product absorbs moisture, drying at 95°C for 3 h under vacuum is required before use.


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