Conductive Masterbatch For PP Yarn


PP conductive masterbatch can be divided into five categories according to process requirements: Film Grade, Injection Grade, Pipe Grade, Fiber Grade, and Yarn Grade.PP conductive masterbatch yarn grade is made of polypropylene (PP) as the basic material, with a melt flow index of about 2-5,which can be used for yarn . It is prepared by adding electrostatic conductive agent and other additives. It has good conductive properties and anti-static capabilities, and can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity. It also has excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance and mechanical strength.



The production of PP conductive masterbatch yarn grade is generally divided into two steps: adding compound and granulating. Add an appropriate amount of electrostatic conductive agent and other additives to the PP base material, and stir and mix it through efficient mixing equipment to fully disperse it. Then, the mixture is granulated into granules, and after drying and cooling, the PP conductive masterbatch is obtained.

PP 0409 C has excellent electrical conductivity. Under the same ratio, it has better electrical conductivity. This conductive masterbatch is designed for PP BCF and yarn.



◆ Good electrical conductivity with low addition amount.

◆ Little loss to the mechanical properties of the material.

◆ Simple processing, no dust, friendly to the environment.



PP conductive masterbatch yarn grade is a common thermoplastic that is widely used in many fields. It has excellent physical properties, chemical resistance and thermal stability. PP conductive masterbatch yarn grade usually refers to a special form of polypropylene raw material used to manufacture wire drawing products to ensure that ideal performance and appearance characteristics can be obtained during the wire drawing process. Therefore, it is often used to manufacture various products, such as ropes, textile bags, textile cloths, packaging materials, etc.



Also suitable for a variety of applications requiring conductive and antistatic (ESD) properties. For example: electronic and electrical components, automotive components,cardboard, reels,films, trays, containers, etc that requires conductivity and anti-static.


 Main Parameters












Black particle






1.0  g/cm³


 Melt Index    230℃ /5.0 kg


ASTM D1238


1.0 g/10min


Elongation at break




25-30 %


Surface Resistivity


Internal Method


10^4 Ohms


◆Data herein is typical and not to be construed as specifications.



◆ 25kg paper bag and PE bag inner.

◆ The packaging method can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.



◆ Please store the conductive masterbatch in a dry environment and avoid super high stacking.

◆ Pre-drying is recommended, pre-drying conditions: 90-100 ℃, 2 Hr.

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