Introduction Of Transparent PS ESD Compound

The transparent PS ESD compound features:

  • High transparency: It has good transparency and can be made into transparent products.
  • High hardness: relatively hard, with certain wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Lower cost: production cost is relatively low and processing is easy.
  • Good chemical stability: good resistance to water, inorganic salts, acids, alkali, etc.
  • Good processing performance: easy to form and process, such as injection molding, extrusion, etc.


Transparent PS ESD compound injection molding process:

  1. Injection molding temperature: According to the characteristics of PS raw materials and product requirements, control the appropriate injection molding temperature, generally between 190-210°C.
  2. Injection molding pressure: Adjust the injection molding pressure according to the shape, size, wall thickness and other factors of the product to ensure that the melt fills the mold cavity.
  3. Injection molding time: Control the time of each stage in the injection molding process, including melting time, injection time, pressure holding time, etc.
  4. Mold design: Reasonably design the mold structure to ensure melt flow balance and good exhaust to obtain high-quality products.

The specific parameters and operating steps of the injection molding process may vary depending on the injection molding machine model, product requirements and other factors. Transparent PS ESD heat resistance is average and it is not resistant to high temperatures. When performing the transparent PS ESD compound injection molding process, it is best to make appropriate adjustments and optimizations according to the actual situation to obtain the best injection molding effect.


Because transparent PS ESD compound has the characteristics of high transparency, high hardness, and good processing performance, they are widely used in many fields:

  • Packaging field: Transparent anti-static PS raw materials can be used to manufacture various transparent packaging boxes, containers, bottle caps, etc., such as food packaging, cosmetic packaging, etc.
  • Electronic and electrical fields: used to manufacture electrical casings, display screens, optical instruments,semiconductor etc.
  • Advertising display field: production of billboards, display stands, light boxes, etc.
  • Medical device field: some transparent parts of medical devices, such as syringes, infusion sets, etc.


It should be noted that the heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of transparent PS ESD compounds are relatively poor, and reasonable selection needs to be made based on specific application scenarios during use. If you want to know more about the application information of transparent PS ESD compounds, you can tell me the specific application fields and I will try my best to provide you with more detailed information.

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