Application Of ESD POM Compound

ESD POM compound is divided into anti-static POM compound and conductive POM compound. Anti-static POM compound is mainly composed of permanent antistatic agent and POM resin, with a surface resistance value of 10^7-10^11 Ohms/sq, natural or colored; conductive POM compound is mainly composed of carbon series substances and POM resin, with a surface resistance value of 10^3-10^8 Ohms/sq, black. The application areas of conductive POM are similar to anti-static POM, but due to its better conductivity, it has greater advantages in some occasions that require higher conductivity. The following are some common ESD POM compound applications:


  • Electronic equipment: used to manufacture electronic components, connectors, circuit boards, etc. that require good electrical conductivity to ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment and prevent electrostatic interference.


  • Semiconductor industry: In the semiconductor manufacturing process, ESD POM can be used in wafer processing equipment, packaging materials, etc. to reduce the impact of static electricity on semiconductor chips.


  • Industrial automation: Suitable for components of industrial automation equipment, such as sensors, actuators, etc., to improve the conductivity and stability of the equipment.


  • Energy field: It can be used in battery components, cable sheathing, etc. to provide good conductivity and wear resistance.


  • Aerospace: ESD POM also has applications in the aerospace field, such as aircraft electronic equipment, dustproof gear, etc.


  • Electromagnetic shielding: Due to its good conductivity, ESD POM can be used to make electromagnetic shielding materials to reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation.


It should be noted that the specific application needs to be selected based on the performance indicators and actual needs of the ESD POM. At the same time, when using ESD POM materials, factors such as its processing performance and cost also need to be considered. If you have more detailed questions about a specific application scenario or performance requirements, we can provide more specific information and recommendations.

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