Introduction Of Graphene Reinforced Conductive PVC

INCHR has been committed to developing graphene/PVC soft graphene reinforced plastic materials, which improve the performance of PVC by combining with graphene. We offer a range of conductive PVC, anti-static PVC and high performance graphene reinforced plastics.Our products are mainly used for injection molded parts in the water treatment field and extruded pipes throughout different industries.This graphene reinforced conductive PVC compound has new electrical, thermal and mechanical strength, self-lubricating properties and high fluidity. The main features are as follows:

1.Good dispersion of conductive performance

Graphene reinforced conductive PVC is well dispersed.This series of products adopt a unique electrostatic self-assmbly process to optimize the structure of graphene reinforced plastics and effectively enhance the dispersion of graphene and other conductive materials.

2.Improve the issue of dropping powder

This graphene reinforced conductive PVC compound solves the problem of ” dropping powder”of carbon conductive materials. It will protect productions and devices from the pollution of materials effective.

3.Low addition and high conductivity

The conductive PVC masterbatch has a high conductivity but a low addition amount of carbon based conductive materials. Graphene reinforced plastic has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, which can improve the mechanical properties of materials, such as strength and toughness. The use of graphene can expand the application range of materials, in order to replace other permanent conductive comopound with graphene reinforced plastic.The surface resistance of INCHR’s conductive PVC compounds can be adjusted from the range of 10^1 to 10^10 Ohms, which takes advantage of the high conductivity of graphene.


Conductive PVC has a wide range of applications in many fields.

  • In the electronics field, conductive PVC can be used to manufacture electronic components such as wires, dust bags,cables, and connectors. Its conductive properties can effectively reduce electromagnetic wave interference and improve the stability and reliability of signal transmission.
  • In the automotive industry, conductive PVC of graphene reinforced plasticcan be used in the manufacture of automotive wiring harnesses to ensure the normal operation of automotive electrical systems. In addition, it can also be used to manufacture automobile interior parts, such as seats, center consoles, etc., to improve the comfort and safety of automobiles.
  • In the industrial field, conductive PVC can be used to manufacture anti-static floors, workbenches,firework packaging ,co-extruded pipes,antistatic profiles and sealing edge trip,etc. to reduce the impact of static electricity on the production process and improve production efficiency and product quality.

In general, conductive PVC graphene reinforced plastics have broad application prospects, and with the continuous development of science and technology, its application fields will continue to expand.

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