Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic For Injection Molding

Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic is a high-performance raw material that adds carbon fiber to the base material to improve performance. INCHR offers a range of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), base resins for a variety of applications, including PP, PC, ABS, nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 610, PBT and PPS resins.


The addition amount of reinforced carbon fiber thermoplastic ranges from 10% to 40%, so that the carbon fiber reinforced reinforced plastic materials can achieve different strengths and modulus.INCHR carbon fiber reinforced raw materials are classified according to carbon fiber length:

  • Short carbon fiber reinforced plastic:It is a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic mainly used for injection molding. It has light weight, high strength and stiffness, high creep resistance and fatigue resistance, good wear resistance and sliding performance, low molding shrinkage and low linear expansion coefficient, excellent electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance Features. At present, fiber length of INCHR ‘carbon fiber reinforced plastic is about 4-6mmappox.
  • Long carbon fiber reinforced plastic: It maintains the high strength and high stiffness of carbon fiber while improving impact resistance through the combination of carbon fiber and flexible heterogeneous fiber. Typically, the impact resistance of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic CFRP depends on the length of the carbon fibers, with the longer the fiber length, the higher the impact resistance.

Compared with common carbon fiber reinforced plastic injection molding , carbon fiber reinforced PP has good heat resistance, minimum density, good chemical stability, and resistance to most chemicals.Compared with most engineering raw materials injectin molding , carbon fiber reinforced PC has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, and better temperature resistance.Carbon fiber reinforced plastic injection molding ABS has better overall performance. Its biggest advantages are good fluidity, easy processing and good formability.Carbon fiber reinforced nylon has good wear resistance and has certain heat resistance and thermal stability

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon 610 has good mechanical properties and wear resistance. Its fatigue resistance is better.Carbon fiber reinforced plastic injection molding PBT has excellent mechanical properties.Carbon fiber reinforced plastic injection molding PPS has excellent heat resistance and good chemical resistance. The difference between the material and other carbon fiber reinforced plastic injection molding is its excellent flame retardant properties.


INCHR’s carbon fiber reinforced resins are leading level in the domestic market and equaling with standards of famous brand oversea.Adding carbon fiber to reinforce mitrix resin can bring the following advantages:

  1. Improve strength and stiffness: Significantly enhance the mechanical properties of reins.
  2. Weight reduction: Reduce weight without sacrificing performance.
  3. Improve corrosion resistance: Make the material more resistant to chemical corrosion.Most of carbon fiber reinforced resins have excellent chemical corrosion resistance.
  4. Good thermal stability: can maintain performance at higher temperatures.
  5. Excellent wear resistance: extend the service life of the material.
  6. Low molding shrinkage and low linear expansion coefficient ensure high dimensional accuracy;
  7. Excellent electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic resins are commonly used in aerospace, automobiles, smartphones, sports equipment and other fields to meet the demand for high-performance materials.

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