Antistatic Polycarbonate


Antistatic polycarbonate is also known as the Electronic Dissipative (ESD) polycarbonate. It is a polycarbonate-based compound or polycarbonate sheet coated with a transparent antistatic agent that will permanently prevent the formation of static electricity on the surface. It is known that the surface has excellent mar and abrasion resistance. It has superior static decay characteristics. It is also resistant to charge generation and cannot be turbocharged. Electric discharge and particulate attraction products display excellent control. These permanent characteristics are not affected by humidity.


antistatic polycarbonate


Application of Antistatic Polycarbonate


Antistatic polycarbonate plastic is the best choice for manufacturing applications including LED display screens, clear windows, clear panels, control panels, smartphones, membrane switches, etc. Especially, it is used where the effects of electrostatic discharge could cause rejects or hidden latent damage to sensitive electronic devices. This is broadly used in the semiconductor, electronic and micro-manufacturing industries. These products are usually applied in other industrial applications such as screen assembly, packaging, explosive environments where static discharge must be prevented, and applications where sensitive process instrumentation and equipment must be protected from static charge. The ESD sheet may be fabricated into a wide variety of shapes using the equipment used for uncoated sheet products. The product maybe not be suitable. However, it is the most heat-formed configuration because the hard cross-linked polymer surface is not designed for heat bending. As it is used widely some applications have included access panels, machine windows and doors, static control shields, glove boxes, electronic equipment, electronic test fixture, process instrumentation, conveyor line covers, clean room, partitions, and pass-through modules.


antistatic polycarbonate


Some Features of Antistatic polycarbonate


  • Antistatic polycarbonate is a high-performance ESD polymer whose dosage level is 15%-20%.
  • Antistatic polycarbonate sheet is surface resistivity. It also maintained standard surface resistivity of 10E9-10E11 Ohms per square plus optional availability of a greater range if needed.
  • Its performance is permanent static dissipation and saving high costs of periodic application of temporary topical anti-static coatings.
  • Static charge control is not affected by humidity moreover reduces the costs of humidification and costs of damage if the humidifier system fails.
  • Uniform surface treatment.
  • Superior impact resistance.
  • Optical properties.
  • Tough abrasion-resistant surface.


Why use antistatic polycarbonate sheets?


 The antistatic of an ESD coating is permanent and very workable. It is also not affected by humidity fluctuations. Antistatic polycarbonate sheets have some benefits. These are presented below:

  • It is transparent and clear as glass.
  • High resistance and very lightweight.
  • Able to prevent Electrostatic Discharge damages like fires, explosions, electronics damage, etc.
  • Highly surface resistive.
  • Also prevents contaminations and dust build-ups.
  • Limits static charge generation on the surface.
  • Prohibitive to chemicals, abrasion, and turbocharging.
  • Very durable and weatherproof.
  • Easy to bend, cut, drill, thermoformed, or print.
  • Improves the safety of end-users by eliminating static electricity shocks.

Where is the best place for buying antistatic polycarbonate sheets?


It is most important to find a quality shop for buying antistatic polycarbonate sheets or related things and not overpriced. INCHR is one of the best places to shop for these products. It is specializing in antistatic polycarbonate sheets for 12 years. It also has conductive polycarbonate and polycarbonate antistatic film products. Our company is certified by quality environmental management certification and committed to providing quality products to its customers. It also provides the antistatic compound, a conductive compound, anti-static masterbatch, anti-static sheet, and anti-static film-related products. It is a distributor of antistatic additives and resin from all over the world. Also, our professional sales team and technical team offer suitable materials to our customers.


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