Solutions for Electro Static Discharge – Antistatic Polycarbonate Concentrate

Antistatic polycarbonate concentrate


PC HI900 is a antistatic polycarbonate agent that used to lower the static decay time and surface resistivity of polycarbonate, PC/ABS, PC/PET and other polybcarbonate alloy.The antistatic concentrate can be precompounded with polycarbonate resin into antistatic polycarbonate. It imparts a long-lasting antistatic property to injection and extrusion molding type,The compatibility of this product with this polycarbonate resin is excellent, and the physical properties of this resin show minimal change.


Antistatic polycarbonate concentrate


PC HI900 typical properties​

Melting Point                140°C

Melt Flow Rate              10.8 g/10 min​                  (200°C,2.16kg, ASTM D1238)

Surface Resistivity          7.7×10E5 Ohms/sq​            (23°C, 50%R.H)

Measurement of surface resistivity:Surface resistivity was measured by 2-pin probe (distance of each pin is approx 50mm; method used in this measurement is equivalent to ANSI ESD S20.20)


Methods and applications

Antistatic polycarbonate is a tough plastic material with outstanding strength,  good stiffness, and is impact resistant even at low temperatures. antistatic polycarbonate sheet, rod, and tube are easy to machine and have excellent dimensional stability. It enhances the design and functionality of products in a wide variety of markets, including automotive and transportation, appliances, consumer, construction, electrical, healthcare and medical, cutting-edge electronics, and sporting goods.

The standard amount of this antistatic polycarbonate concentrate is between 10 to 25 wt % ,can reach 10E8 to 10E11.  It has been used as a permanent antistatic agent in polycarbonate resin for a wide range of applications.


The antistatic agent can be immediately used after the factory sealed package because this product is packed under moisture-proof conditions; Drying is necessary when the factory sealed package is kept unsealed for several hours because this product has some hygroscopic properties.

Depending on the kind of resin, this antistatic polycarbonate agent may have an effect on the resin’s physical properties including mechanical properties at large amount added. Test the effects on each of the physical properties beforehand to ensure that there are no problems.


Packaging and storage

This antistatic polycarbonate concentrate is a very hygroscopic substance that is dried before shipping,25kg a bag ready to be processed.

All antistatic polymer concentrates can be stored in its original packaging for at least 24 months without losing properties.​


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