Applicaion Of INCHR Conductive Masterbatch

Definition of masterbatch and conductive masterbatch

The definition of masterbatch in processing and molding is to mix and refine various required additives, fillers and a small amount of resin. The plastic particles obtained after granulation are called masterbatch. The limit of additives in the masterbatch is generally much higher than the required amount in plastic products, usually several times or even ten times higher. Therefore, in the process of using the masterbatch to process products, it is necessary to follow the relevant requirements in the masterbatch. The content of ingredients and the amount required in the product are adjusted to the ratio of conductive masterbatch to resin base material. Masterbatch is usually divided into ordinary filled masterbatch and functional masterbatch. Functional masterbatch is designed to meet a special function in plastic products, such as color, flame retardancy, conductivity, anti-fog, etc.

Conductive masterbatch is made by mixing a resin base material with carbon black and other additives. During the processing, the conductive masterbatch is adjusted to a certain ratio with the base material, which can increase the conductivity or anti-static properties of the resin. efficiency. Adding conductive masterbatch makes the resin conductive without damaging the mechanical and physical properties of the resin itself. What needs to be paid attention to during the processing is the drying issue, and pre-drying the materials is necessary .


PP Conductive masterbatch

PP conductive masterbatch is made of polypropylene (PP) as the basic material and compounded by adding electrostatic conductive carbon black and other additives. It has good conductive properties and anti-static capabilities, and can effectively prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity. It also has excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance and mechanical strength, allowing it to operate stably in various harsh environments.

PP conductive masterbatch is widely used. It can be used to manufacture various products that require anti-static properties, such as conductive packaging boxes, anti-static containers, anti-static cables, etc. In the manufacturing process of electronic devices, static electricity may cause damage to electronic components, and the application of PP conductive masterbatch can greatly reduce this risk and improve the quality and reliability of electronic products. PP conductive masterbatch can also be used for surface coating of plastic products to improve their antistatic properties.ESD TRAY RACKPP conductive masterbatch has many advantages over traditional materials. It has good molding performance and can achieve better molding effects during injection molding, blow molding and other processing processes. PP conductive masterbatch has high strength and hardness, which can meet various strength requirements and ensure the stability and reliability of the product. PP conductive masterbatch also has good heat resistance and chemical stability, and can maintain good performance in harsh environments.


PE Conductive masterbatch

PE conductive masterbatch is a kind of plastic particle with conductive properties. It is mainly composed of polymer matrix such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and conductive fillers. It has excellent conductive properties and can be used in electronic products, anti-static materials, lightning protection materials, electronic components, cables and other fields. PE conductive plastic masterbatch is mainly used in fields such as chips, electronics, integrated circuit packaging, and electromagnetic wave shielding. Such as fuel pipelines; low-resistance plastic packaging trays for electronic products, conductive/anti-static plastic sheets, sheets, and conductive films.



PS Conductive masterbatch

PS conductive masterbatch uses superconducting carbon black as functional additive, PS as matrix resin, good dispersion of self-made coupling agent and dispersant, and is granulated by internal mixer and twin-screw extrusion. It can be used to prepare PS, HIPS, PPO and other conductive injection molded products, plates, sheets and other products, with permanent and stable conductive properties.


The PS conductive masterbatch selects high-quality carbon black with high structure, large specific surface area, high purity and low impurities as the conductive filler. The one obtained through modification after mixing can be added to ordinary PS polymers to improve the conductivity and anti-static properties ,is a high-performance functional masterbatch, PS conductive masterbatch has good conductive properties, and its performance is not affected by environmental humidity. Can be directly added to PS, HIPS, PPO plastic materials of different hardness, suitable for injection molding, extrusion, fiber spinning, film blowing, tube extrusion and other processing techniques.



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