Permanent antistatic agent POM 55AN

POM 55AN is a permanent antistatic agent for POM resin, POM GF reinforced. Offers protection against the problems caused by static electricity including the destruction of electronic circuits, electric shock, appliance malfunctions, and dust adhesion. Compatible with POM, It‘s a non-migrating, internally added permanent antistatic agent.


Exhibits low influence of relative humidity on the antistatic performance.

Is not migrating antistatic agent.

Can be used for both anti-dust and preventing electrostatic discharge applications.

Can maintain the mechanical properties of the polymer.

Can easily be processed by extrusion and injection molding.




Applicable to POM , POM GF, POM alloy

Home appliances such as air conditioners and vacuum cleaners

Parts of business machines such as printer trays and paper sorters

Conveyance materials for sensitive electric chips and devices (tray and case)

Physical and chemical properties


1.26 g/cm³

Tensile Strength

16.5 Mpa

Shore Hardness HD


Melting Temperature

210 °C

Melt Flow Rate @ 210°C,5kg, GB/T 3682

2.5 g/10 min

Surface Resistivity @ 23°C, 50%R.H

6.8×10E5 Ohms





POM 55AN can control the surface resistivity of ABS from 10E8 to 10E12 Ohms/sq. The permanent antistatic agent could achieve with loading level at approx.10 wt% for anti-dust application and at approx.20 wt% for ESD application.





Folding Line Chart




Packaging and storage instructions

This product is a very hygroscopic substance that is dried before shipping. Store in the original aluminum foil bag inside securely under cool and dry conditions. After opening it, use it immediately.

Keep closed when not in use. In case of that, this product absorbs moisture, drying at 90-100 ºC for 3 h under vacuum is required before use.

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