● The POM ESD plastic sheet is fomulated with POM resin with a certain amount of permanent antistatic agent carbon black,carbon nanotube to achieve surface resistivity 10^6-10^10 Ohms/sq.
● Good dimensional stability,fatigue resistance, creep resistance
● Typical Properties
– Density 1.45 g/cm³
– Surface Resistivity < 1E9 ohm/sq
– Thickness 6mm~180mm
– Size 615mmx1220mm

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esd pom1POM ESD sheet properties:

POM ESD sheet is designed for use in the semiconductor industry with surface resistivity value 10E8-10E10 Ohms/sq. It is an extruded,hemical resistance and abrasion resistance, offer reliability and value for applications that require dissipation of static charges.


POM ESD sheet applications:

esd pom2

The plastic sheet is widely used in machining on automatic lathes, especially for the manufacture of precision parts and it also Can replace most non-ferrous metals, automobiles, machine tools, instrument internals, bearings, fasteners, gears, springs, pipes, conveyor belt accessories, pump casings, drainers, faucets, etc.


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