Antistatic Additive For PE

● PE 80AN is designed for blown film.
● Addition level 10-25 wt% to achieve surface resitivity 10^7-10^11 Ohms/sq.
● Typical properties
– Melting Point 192°C
– Melt Flow Rate (200°C,2.16kg ) 15 g/10 min
– Surface Resistivity( 23°C, 50%R.H) 3.5×10E6 Ohms/sq

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permanent antistatic additiveIntroduction

PE 80AN is a permanent antistatic additive which compatible with HDPE,LDPE and LLDPE.Offer protection against the problems caused by static electricity including destruction of electronic circuits, electric shock, appliance malfunctions and dust adhesion. It can be processed by injection extrusion and blow molding.

PE 80AN is pale yellow color compared with conventional agents and the products including our antistatic agent can be colored easily. Transparent grade is available.The melting point is between 160°C -195°C and thermal stability over 200°C,it can prevent polymers from decomposition when be processed.



permant antistatic agent

  • In the electronics industry, permant anti-static agent is used to package electrostatically sensitive products such as electronic components, circuit boards, and semiconductor chips to ensure their safety and integrity during transportation and storage.
  • In the precision instrument industry, this packaging material made of permant anti-static agent can effectively prevent static electricity from interfering with the instrument and ensure the accuracy and performance of the instrument.
  • In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, permant anti-static agent can avoid the impact of static electricity on drugs and cosmetics and ensure their quality and stability.
  • In industries such as automotive parts, optical equipment, and aerospace equipment, anti-static PE made of permant anti-static agent is also widely used to meet various static control needs.


permant antistatic agent3Overview Of Antistatic Masterbatch

INCHR@anti static masterbatch is permanent anti static compound which does not need to compound or pelletize with matrix resins before processing ,just dry blend with matrix and then process.Compatilizer is inherently formulated in anti static masterbatch,low impact on matrix properties.Antistatic masterbatch can form discharging layer on the surface of a material, thus reducing its surface resistivity and making the already generated electrostatic charge leak rapidly such as In the electronics, semiconductor, automotive parts, optical equipment, aerospace equipment and other industries, antistatic masterbatch is widely used to meet the needs of various electrostatic control.

  • Antistatic masterbatch is immediately functional and imparts long-term antistatic effect.
  • Exhibits low influence of relative humidity on the antistatic performance.
  • Antistatic masterbatch is not migrating of the compound.
  • Can maintain mechanical properties of the polymer with excellect compatibility
  • Extremely effective to provide different performance targets (10E8-10E11 Ohm/sq).



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antistatic masterbatch
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