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Anti Static Additive,antistatic polystyrene
Anti Static Additive,antistatic polystyrene

ESD Polystyrene Compound

  • ● This ESD Compound is a formulation of HIPS resin and a certain amount of permanent antistatic agent
  • ● Surface resitivity 10^8-10^11 Ohms/sq,colourable
  • ● Features and application
  • – Good processability high impact
  • – Home appliances housing;Electrical packaging

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antistatic polystyrene
PS ESD compound properties:
  • PS ESD compound is one of most universal antistatic polymer with dosage level of 10%-25% permanent antistatic agent added, surface resistivity value 10E8-10E11 Ohms/sq,offer reliability and value for applications that require dissipation of static charges,It’s widely used in antistatic polystyrene sheet and antistatic polystyrene film by extrusion. Conductive polystyrene is available with low surface resistivity 10E3-10E6 Ohms/sq
antistatic polystyrene
PS ESD compound applications:
  • The material is excellent for thermoforming and used mostly in the production of transport containers and packaging.


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