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Polycarbonate Antistatic Sheet
Polycarbonate Antistatic Sheet

Transparent Polycarbonate plastic sheet

  • ● This transparent PC ESD plastic sheet is coating by antistatic agent to achieve surface resistivity 10^5-10^9 Ohms/sq.
  • ● Hight impact strength,lightweight,resistant to heat,sunlight,snow
  • ● Typical Properties
  • – Density 1.22 g/cm³
  • – Surface Resistivity < 1E9 ohm/sq
  • – Thickness 3mm~20mm
  • – Size 600mmx2200mm

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antistatic plastic sheet
Polycarbonate antistatic plastic sheet properties
  • Specific Gravity 1.22 D792
  • Molding Shrinkage 0.50 - 0.70 % D955
  • Impact Strength, Izod notched 79 J/m D256
  • Tensile Strength 64 MPa D638
  • Tensile Elongation 110 % D638
  • Flexural Strength 90 MPa D790
  • Surface Resistivity 1.0E+5- 9.9E+9 ohm/sq D257(23°C, 50%R.H)
antistatic plastic sheet
Polycarbonate antistatic plastic sheet introduction
  • Electrostatic electricity is an common phenomenon, such as contact, friction and other will cause static electricity.ESD protection technology is widely used in electronics, petroleum, textile, rubber, static electricity to harm the aviation field, and strive to reduce the loss caused by static electricity.Polycarbonate coating antistatic plastic sheet is a transparent product widely used to control static electricity.This unique technique prevents the generation of a charge on the sheet surface, thus controlling the particle attraction and preventing electrostatic discharge events.
  • Our Polycarbonate antistatic plastic sheet is very light weight, and it also shows superior impact resistance and strength performance, excellent light transmittance, chemical resistance, and wear resistance.This antistatic effect can last at leat 5 years and completely independent of the effects of humidity. We offer transparent antistatic plastic sheets with a variety of thicknesses and sizes.The antistatic plastic sheet is widely used in industrial areas, for example, the doors, windows, covers, and guards for the electronic equipment, assembly machines, instruments, conveyor line covers, transparent room partitions, process equipment, and automation equipment.


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