ESD Safe Plastic

Advantages of using esd safe plastic materials 

ESD safe plastic also referred to as static control plastics is loaded with special fillers and alloys. Here fillers are added generally not chemically bonded to the nonconductive polymer.


What is esd safe plastic

ESD safe plastic also referred to as static control plastics is loaded with special fillers and alloys. Here fillers are added generally not chemically bonded to the nonconductive polymer. ESD safe fillers provide a conductive path for the electric charge and carbon powders are naturally conducive with enough loading, particles touch each and form a conductive path through the nonconductive plastic matrix. Common plastics are insulators. These materials prevent the flow of electrons across their surfaces or through their volumes and contrast with conductors such as metal which readily support electron flow. On the other hand, esd safe plastics have electrical resistance properties between those of insulators and conductors.


esd safe plastic


Why is esd safe plastics important?

ESD safe plastic is so important because these materials can reduce the discharge of static electricity and prevent damage to products as well. During the manufacturing process, there lies the potential for costly delays and repairs. In these situations, creating esd safe areas either by taking precautionary measures or by using materials that are themselves esd safe can save time and money and provide an effective products as well. It also increases the efficiency of workflows and operations. Static control plastics are electrical resistant. They have to dissipate static controlled way and by the addition of conductive fillers or fibers made from stainless steel or carbon. And the efficiency of these plastics dissipate static is significantly greater than the insulators. 

Basic principles of esd safe plastic

Here, are suggested some general principles of esd safe plastics. 

  • ESD safe plastic is designing products and gathered to be as robust as reasonable from the effects of ESD and also protects products from the ESD.
  • It defines the level of control needed in your environment.
  • It identifies and defines such electrostatic areas where you will be handling ESD susceptible items.
  • The major advantage is that it reduces electrostatic charge generation by reducing and eliminating static generating processes. It also provides appropriate paths to reduce charge generation and accumulation.
  • It also dissipates and neutralizes by grounding, ionization, and the use of conductive and esd safe materials.
  • And protect products from the ESD with proper grounding and shunting.

Application area of esd safe plastics 

ESD safe plastic is specially used in the manufacturing of electronics. It is extensively used in electrical appliances, mechanical automation, automotive instrumentation, electrical parts, high-speed train, boats, military applications, and others fields. There are various esd plastics products available including- ESD Delrin, ESD POM Compound, PEEK ESD Sheet, Graphene Enhanced Plastic Compound, etc. From these, ESD Delrin gives surface resistivity of 10E4 -10E9 ohms/sq and POM carbon nanotube has worthy wear resistance, self-lubrication, and best mechanical properties. In such an environment, where sometimes thousands of electronics are created each day required each serves a specific purpose in a specific device or component creation. ESD-safe plastics can be used safely and without worry. It also ensures product quality, is on time, and is cost-effective. 


esd safe plastic


Best Place for buying esd safe plastics materials 

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