Conductive masterbatch’s application in sheet and film

Conductive masterbatch is incorporated into polymer ,we call it conductive compound ,and then produce the compound into conductive sheet or film.Conductive sheet is made of pomymers and certain amount of conductive masterbatch.Conductive plastic sheet include PS,PP,PET,ABS which are very common.With conductive properties or antistatic properties ,conductive sheet has a wide range of applications.



Conductive sheets have important applications in electronic devices. Circuit boards in electronic equipment require conductive sheet or film to connect various electronic components so that the electronic equipment can work properly. With dosage 20%-35% conductive masterbatch incorporated, conductive sheets (films) have good conductive properties and flexibility, can adapt to various complex circuit designs, and can work stably under different temperature and humidity conditions. In addition, the conductive sheet can also be used in the backlight module of the display screen. Through the conductive properties of the conductive sheet (film), the display screen can adjust the brightness and display normally.


Conductive sheets also have important applications in solar cells. Solar cells use light energy to convert into electrical energy. As one of the electrode materials of the battery, conductive sheets can effectively transfer charges and improve the electrical energy conversion efficiency of solar cells. It has good light transmittance and conductive properties, which can allow sunlight to penetrate the battery better, while also ensuring the conductive properties of the battery and improving the power generation efficiency of the solar cell.


Conductive sheets (films) play a key role in touch screen technology. Touch screens are common input devices in modern electronic products. Through the conductive properties of the sheet (film), the touch screen can achieve precise sensing and rapid response. The conductive sheet (film) can sense the touch signal of the human body and transmit the signal to the touch screen controller, thereby realizing the operation and control of the device.


With less dosage of conductive masterbatch,sheet (film) can also be used in anti-static fields. Static electricity is a common phenomenon in dry environments and can cause damage to electronic equipment and sensitive components. The sheet (film) has good conductive properties and can guide static electricity into the ground, thereby preventing the accumulation and release of static electricity. It can be applied to the casing, screen protector and other parts of electronic equipment to effectively prevent the impact of static electricity on the equipment.



Conductive sheets also have important applications in the field of biosensors. A biosensor is a sensor capable of detecting and measuring the properties of biomolecules, cells and organisms. Conductive sheets can be used as electrode materials in biosensors to measure electrical signals or electrochemical signals in organisms, thereby achieving detection and analysis of organisms. Because the stability of conductive masterbatch,conductive properties and biocompatibility o are key elements of biosensors. It can provide stable electrical signals and good interaction with organisms, thereby improving the detection sensitivity and accuracy of biosensors.


With different dosage of conductive masterbatch ,the sheet and film present different conductivity.The conductive sheet (film)has a wide range of applications in the fields of electronic equipment, solar cells, touch screens, anti-static and biosensors. The application of conductive material not only improves the performance and reliability of electronic equipment, but also promotes the development and innovation of new generation electronic products. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous expansion of applications, the uses of conductive masterbatch will continue to expand and deepen.


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