Abstract of ESD PEEK application In 3D printing industry

PEEK CF grade and PEEK CNT grade are most universal in ESD PEEK family.

PEEK CF compound is lighter, stiffer, and stronger than traditional glass-filled compounds, allowing for more design freedom and flexibility with low surface resistivity.

PEEK CNT compound contain carbon nanotube which offer an extremely high aspect ratio providing uniformly conductive surfaces with very low loading at 2-5 %wt.

ESD PEEK pellets

ESD PEEK pellets


With the high-end demand of customers, ESD PEEK appear more and more in 3D printing technology and development. The following three PEEK grades are widely used in 3D fields:

  1. Unreinforced PEEK antistatic 3Dprinting wire: this material provides special thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.
  2. PEEK CF carbon fiber reinforced antistatic 3D printing wire: high modulus carbon fiber and high quality PEEK polymer.This material provides special stiffness and dimensional stability even in extreme environments.
  3. PEEK CNT carbon nanotube antistatic 3D printing wire: add carbon nanotube 2~5 %wt to achieve antistatic function, with excellent electrical conductivity, super mechanical properties and good thermal conductivity.

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